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Lisa Freeman Anti-Bullying Expert Stops Bullying

in Schools, Work Places, Communities in the USA

Stop Bullying! Stop Abuse! Stop Violence!

Lisa Freeman is a motivational speaker from Michigan, an abuse/bully prevention expert, the CEO of Abuse Bites and the Healing Projects Specialist with the Bully Police USA. Her entire family, even their dogs, have been bullied or abused in some form.They have all healed and now take that healing to others. 


Speaker Offers Anti-Bullying Workshops in schools, work places and communities

Lisa Freeman Bully Speaker Breaks Bullying Cycle in Michigan Schools

-Healing & Recovery

-Assemblies in Schools 

-Workshops in Work Places

-Seminars in Churches

-Abused Women Advocate

-Dating & Domestic Violence

-Help for Bullying and Bullies


-Empowers Others With the Tools They Need to Be Safe & Educated

-Changes Hearts and Saves Lives in her precious son's Memory

-Offers Dog Training and Behavior Modification for Bully/Aggressive Dogs

Lisa has suffered through childhood sexual abuse, dating violence, domestic violence, and two abusive marriages. The worst pain she has bore is watching her children become victims of abuse and bullying. One of her son's was nearly bullied to death in high school, another son was bullied all through life because he was different, yet he had a change of heart and forgave his bullies. He wanted to travel all over and help victims, bystanders and even bullies change, but he passed away from a heart condition before he got that opportunity. Now Lisa offers CHANGE OF HEART ASSEMBLIES in Brian's Memory to empower all students to make a positive change to protect themselves and others.

I was both a Victim and a Bully, but now I'm A Survivor! 

Lisa (Elisabeth) Freeman, a lifelong abuse survivor, shares her empowering true story about bullying and abuse recovery in schools, work places, and communities throughout Michigan and the USA. She knows if nothing changes, bullying and sucide will keep taking the lives of innocent children, teens and adults. CHANGE is what America needs!

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What is bullying? How to stop bullying? Just ask Lisa Freeman. Being a bully herself as well as a victim/target, she has been on both sides of the bullying spectrum, which enables her to help bullies. She offers help for bullies through her love, compassion, and realization that they were probably abused or bullied too. In one of her workshops, her son's own bully was there (a bully who had threatened her son's life in high school) and he was so moved by the presentation and what Lisa said that he came up afterwards and apologized to the entire family! Her award-winning book for teens, "Run For Your Life" is based on her true life story of being an abused runaway teen. It will get your teens up and running in the right direction. Her educational anti-bullying workshops and advocacy have offered much help for bullying in Michigan. Now she hopes to offer even more for the victims of bullying in the USA. 


Lisa Freeman's book for teens Run For Your Life a book for young adults too

Lisa Freeman gives FREE books away at each event, as she is passionate about reaching teens, changing hearts, and saving lives.

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ANTI-BULLYING EXPERT Motivational Speaker

Abuse Bites But True Love Heals

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