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Has Bullying Stopped or Gone Viral?

Has Bullying Stopped or Gone Viral?
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Tue Jul 24, 2012 @ 05:29PM
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Take a good look around the good old USA. Your neighborhood. What do you think... has bullying decreased, increased, or stayed the same?

A recent study at a high school in Massachussettes indicates they are getting fewer reports on student bullying according to statistics from surveys in 2011. What do you think? Is bullying getting better at your local schools? Maybe this school has some tips we can all learn from! Get the full story here.

With school being out for the summer, parents aren't contacting us here at Abuse Bites so much.

Yet, I've read story after story about kids being singled out, beaten and horribly victimized. One 10 year old boy was even burned with a lighter on a bus! Video Here

When interviewed about bullying teens said things like, you don't want to be the little kid who sits by himself at the lunch table. But bullying is far worse than just the lunch room these days. Cyber bullying stalks kids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Five kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Kansas City said they had been mean online, but had never been bullied themselves. More

Jack Joblonski was paralyzed during a hockey game in December, when his spine was severed and he was told he'd never walk again. Recently he was bullied on twitter. Read how he overcame his bullies and even his disability.

Cyber Bullying has a viral spread that we must constantly keep up to date on. It used to be simply bad/negative words in text, now it is hate pages on facebook (two middle school girls were even arrested) and sexting, sending sexual images via cell phone/computer. Kids and teens don't realize how someone can take that image and use it against them. More

Sadly, kids are still taking their lives or being bullied to death. Joel Morales of New York, only 12, committed suicide in May, after bullies tormented him about his father's death.

It's tough for us as parents to sit by and watch our kids be hurt and wither away to nothing. But we can't very well, fight back like this father, and hire someone to beat our kids bully. More About This Story

So what are parents to do?

Parents can get help, thankfully. They can partner with us here, at Abuse Bites, to bring programs like ours which educates on current bullying themes and safety measures to take as well as provides the healing that victimsbystanders, and bullies need. We're offering FREE WORKSHOPS right now in a contest. Check it out! More about us and what we offer.

There is also a new software on the market that will allow you to keep track of and protect your kids and family while on line and via cell. Check out this link for more helpful info.



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