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Teen Dating Violence--What You Should Know

Teen Dating Violence--What You Should Know
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Sat Aug 04, 2012 @ 07:34AM
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Teen Dating Violence – What You Should Know!


Lately there has been a lot of buzz in the media about teen dating violence. I’ve read article after article where teen dating abuse is escalating all around the globe, but not much is being done about it. Schools are aware of the growing problem, but most have no plan of escape for teens. A recent study at Ball State University, in Indiana, reported that 81.3% of school counselors surveyed said they had no protocol for dating violence. Read More


Yet, statistics from Love is Not Abuse Coalition tells us that 1 in 3 teenagers have experienced violence in a dating relationship. SCARY!


Most adolescents and teens in first-time relationships don’t always know the warning signs. They may think that if their partner becomes jealous or controlling “it’s romantic.”  They might even think, if they stay in therelationship, their partner will change, or, they can change them.

I know I did. I fell in love at 13. My boyfriend seemed really sweet at first. However, within a few months, his true colors started showing through. He was not only jealous and controlling, but he beat me. I ended up marrying him, thinking he’d change. The abuse only intensified and he almost killed me. Luckily, I escaped with my life. I was able to get out before it was too late.


Other teens, like 17-year-old Cindi Santana & high school Cheerleader, Charney Watts, weren’t so fortunate. Their relationships cost them their very lives! Even though they broke up with their boyfriends, their x-boyfriends stalked and killed them!


That’s why I speak on dating violence in Michigan as well as across the United States. My book, Run For Your Life” is based on my true story and will help teens get out of dating violent situations safely and steer clear of abusive relationships altogether. It will also help them with other issues they face growing up (peer pressure, bullying, drugs and alcohol abuse,  etc.). Run For Your Life will literally get them running in the right direction. I ran to all the wrong things in life, my book clearly points that out, showing how I made poor choices and suffered dearly for them, almost costing me my life. Read Reviews


Today, teens all over the USA are suffering for making bad choices, whether it’s dating violence, dropping out of school, doing drugs, etc. Our Abuse Bites Program is designed to help empower teens to do the right thing, make better choices, stay safe, rise above abuse and bullying, and have a productive future. I speak on every form of abuse, bullying and violence, in schoolswork places, churches, and communities. Our ultimate goal is to motivate and impact every audience we speak to, so we can change hearts and save lives.


Thanks to our local sponsor, Big John Steak & Onion, we are having a CONTEST and giving 6 FREE WORKSHOPS away to residents in Michigan. But hurry, deadline is coming up in September.

Written by: Lisa Freeman, Dating Violence Survivor, CEO Abuse Bites, Owosso Michigan; Healing Projects Specialist Bully Police USA, Abuse Advocate & Partner with SISFI Bully Taskforce in New York & Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.


Here are a few other links/resources on dating violence I found while researching.


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*Dating Violence statistics, help, and warning signs: http://www.acadv.org/dating.html

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