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Help Parents Stop Child Abuse
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Mon Aug 06, 2012 @ 01:00PM
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We Help Parents & Stop Child Abuse!

I’m sickened by the thousands of child abuse stories making headlines today. Statistics tells us that 3 million children witness violence in their home daily and more than 7 children die from abuse every day in America. Read more statistics here.

Sadly, I’ve been on both sides of the child abuse spectrum and am not proud of that. However, I am proud that I got my life together, broke the cycle of abuse, and healed so I can help others. Read My Story.

In my fight against child abuse and raising awareness and funds, I’ve had numerous people, ready to donate a dollar or more, come up to me and ask, “Is this for animal abuse?” but when I say it’s to help stop child abuse and bullying of people and pets, sadly many of them put their money back into their pocket and walk away.

Today the general public seems to have more love and compassion for pets than they do people. I love animals too. I have three amazing dogs. And I know from past experiences that dogs can give us a nurturing and healing that humans cannot. So in our Abuse Bites Program we often rescue dogs and train them for pet therapy.

We use our dogs in our FREE anti-abuse workshops to bring therapy to abused children, bullied teens, battered women, and even sick or hurting adults. We educate the public on all forms of abuse, bullying, and violence, teaching safety and prevention methods, and offer complete healing to all.

Upon researching some recent stories, it’s obvious that safety, prevention and healing is what’s so urgently needed. Not only for these dear, precious children, but also those entrusted to give them care.

Two mothers (from different sides of the United States, Florida and Texas) recently left their young children in their hot vehicles while they went into the bar to get their fix. One of those children was only a toddler. The windows were slightly cracked and he was yelling for help. Thankfully a good Samaritan heard his desperate cries for help and called the police. Both women were charged and booked, leaving their children to be tended to by the state. Read full story.

These aren’t even the worst cases of child abuse I’ve found. At the end of this article, I’ve listed links to some of the most horrifying child neglect and abuse cases in history.


It’s clearly evident these mothers and many other parents are battling their own abuse and addictions. They need help. We want to give them that help. With your support, we can bring the help and healing that is needed to these precious families. By sharing our true stories of child abuse, addiction, bullying, neglect, and how we survived, we can empower other parents to change, get the help they need, and be better mothers, fathers, parents. Donation and Sponsorship Opportunities.

We also interact with children and teens of all ages to help them speak up if they’re being abused and bullied so they can get the critical help they need now before it’s too late.

Abuse Bites Workshops are offered in schools, churches, work places, and communities throughout Michigan and the United States. Contact Lisa Freeman, Founder and CEO for more information on speaking and advocating about abuse in your community.

Written by: Lisa Freeman, Lifelong Abuse Survivor and Advocate, Owosso, MI

Founder and CEO of www.AbuseBites.com

Healing Projects Specialist for Bully Police USA





  1. Tortured Toddler
  2. Baby Tossed Over Bridge
  3. Toddler blinded
  4. Only 6 months for child torture
  5. Infant left to fend for himself
  6. Mom watches boyfriend beat toddler to death
  7. Father tortures infant, leaves her with brain damage
  8. Foster mother and her boyfriend torture toddler to death
  9. Man rapes infant
  10. Boyfriend beats toddler for two hours straight
  11. 17 month old baby slammed to the floor and banged against wall; dies
  12. Toddler may have arm amputated as a result of severe torture/abuse
  13. Infant almost squeezed to death by father
  14. Mother breaks her toddler’s back; allows him to suffer for a week before he dies
  15. Father bites childs eye out
  16. Boy kept as sex slave for six years
  17. Father sentenced for killing deaf, disabled 2 year old son
  18. Toddler beaten so badly, had to have part of her intestines removed
  19. Father and girlfriend allegedly torture 3 year old to death
  20. Parents allegedly beat and lock up 10 year old with cancer; has prosthetic leg and is hearing impaired
  21. Parents accused of torturing and abusing infant
  22. Newborn killed after mother threw her in the washer machine; went through entire cleansing cycle and died
  23. Baby spleen and pancreas ruptured and intestines severed by parents who punched her repeatedly in the stomach
  24. Toddler tortured and murdered by mom’s boyfriend
  25. Missing Alabama children reportedly abused and tortured most of their life
  26. Mother’s boyfriend kills toddler by dunking him into pot of boiling water
  27. Father tortures his own toddler son to death
  28. Adoptive parents force children to eat dog food and sleep in dog crates; beats and burns young children
  29. 3 year old beaten to death by mother and boyfriend for wetting his pants
  30. 6 year old severely tortured and beaten by mother and her boyfriend
  31. Toddler in critical condition after suffering heinous child abuse by foster mother
  32. Young Autistic children caged like animals
  33. 10 yr. old girl locked in tiny chest, forced to eat feces and drink urine
  34. Woman beat and starved toddler in claims it was because she couldn’t get any marijuana
  35. 10 year old adopted girl allegedly starved and beaten, previous adopted children of couple have been returned to home after allegations of horrendous abuse
  36. Mother and boyfriend puncture lungs of 3 yr. old boy, resulting in life support, authorities say he will likely die
  37. Mother accused of punching her toddlers teeth out
  38. Mother and boyfriend allegedly lock toddler and baby in 30-degree below zero room
  39. Teen forced to eat feces, drink her own urine, imprisoned in basement since 2006
  40. Eleven children reportedly tortured for years, tied up and never allowed to go to school
  41. 8-year-old forced to run for hours on end, until she collapses and dies – Grandmother’s punishment after eating her chocolate
  42. Baby forced to walk on broken leg, tries repeatedly to get up, winds up dying when items topple over on her
  43. 12-year-old boy caged, tortured, tied up, and starved, hospital staff says he looks like concentration camp victim
  44. Father accused of breaking 21 bones and permanently disfiguring 7-week-old infant daughter
  45. 11-year-old boy eats own feces before parents allow him to starve to death
  46. Two daycare workers force tot to eat hot sauce
  47. Mother blinds baby by forcing bleach laced eye drops into eyes
  48. Children found at Kansas Walmart parking lot, bound and blindfolded
  49. Boyfriend beat tot mercilessly with hanger, tot may be blind
  50. Ohio parents arrested for locking 4-year-old in wire and steel cage
  51. Mother admits to striking toddler with 12″ cast iron skillet, nearly killing him
  52. Mother and female roommate charged with nearly starving to death toddler
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1. Svanush  |  my website   |   Wed Nov 21, 2012 @ 05:19PM

Wow, I just read your story and I think you are so brave to tell your story and to decide to make a different, to change your own life and to help others to do the same. Keep up the great work you are doing.

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Abuse Bites But True Love Heals

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