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Get The Upper Hand On Bullying with Back to School Tips

Get The Upper Hand On Bullying with Back to School Tips
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Wed Aug 08, 2012 @ 10:33AM
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Get The Upper Hand on Bullying with Back to School Tips


Preparing for back to school can be both exciting and stressing. Parents are left with the task of shopping for clothes, school supplies, and the zillions of other things kids need. Finding a good deal is sometimes hard for families on a budget. But thanks to Shop For A Cause at Macy’s, everyone can get a good deal and help stop bullying at the same time. (Click here to get a 25% off shopping pass today!) Hurry! Offer expires August 25, 2012!


As you probably know, back to school bullying is huge. Personal stories and bully statistics are plastered all over the news and internet. A whopping 160,000 kids miss school every day for fear of being bullied. The sadder part is that in 85% of school bullying there is no intervention. And the most tragic reality of all is that 1 teen dies every 30 minutes from bullycide (suicide from bullying) in the USA. (More bullying statistics).

My son, Jeremiah, nearly committed suicide after being bullied and threatened in high school. He still battles with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and depression. However, he also writes songs and sings to help others. (Jeremiah’s StoryVideo of him singing)

Although states are cracking down hard and setting up tough bullying laws in schools, bullying and bullycide continue to be a growing issue all over the United States.

One family has even kept their three children home for two years due to bullying. The reason for this is because they feel the Education Department is not giving them the resolution they feel they need to keep their kids safe.

Other states, like Minnesota, with one of the weakest bullying laws in place, hasn’t reported any school bullying, yet over 50% of students in their middle and high schools admit to being bullied. The state has created a Bully Task Force and is cracking down even harder, in hopes to bring fear into teachers, principals, and schools who don’t report, but will it be enough? (Read Full Story Here)

One school in New York City was forced to pay $40,000 for a bullied girl’s private tuition to another school. (Read Story) When are schools going to learn that we need more than a warning for bullies? Do they really think that anger management classes are the answer? We’ve been doing things the same, with the same tragic results.

We need change. A change for everyone involved in the bullying spectrum. And the only way to bring that change is through education and to get everyone on the same page.

Abuse Bites is trying to bring that change through educating on equality and unity for all. Only when we work together can we begin to tackle the bullying problem.

Abuse Bites, is a non-profit organization that works, around the clock, with children, teens, parents, educators and community leaders to stop bullying in schools, work places, and communities. (Read More)

American schools claim they want to provide a safe learning environment for our children, but they are failing daily. Parents want to feel that their children are safe while at school, but they know they are dropping their kids off in the middle of a battle zone every day. There are a lot of anti-bullying programs, this is true, but sadly most only offer help for victims.

Abuse Bites offers complete change, help and healing to all victims, bystanders, bullies, and their families. By having CHANGE WORKSHOPS in schools all over the United States, Abuse Bites can bring about the change that is so desperately needed in communities, to change hearts and save lives, in memory of, Brian, who lived and died forgiving his bullies. (Read More)

Parents, I plead with you. Talk to your children. Don’t leave the bullying problem up to the schools.


1. Know the signs and effects bullying can have on your child:

a.     Bullying can make children sad, lonely, nervous, feel sick

b.     Not wanting to eat, go to school, or other places

c.      Unexplained cuts or bruises, changes in grades/behavior

d.     They can feel they are different, powerless, alone, unpopular

2. Create a “daily” check in time with your child(ren):

a.     Listen to them without judgment

b.     You will learn about their friends, their interests, any problems or bullying that may be going on

3. Most children DON’T want to tell parents their being bullied:

a.     Bullying can make a child feel weak and helpless

b.     They feel like they should handle their own problems

4. Develop a plan to deal with bullying:

a.     Practice with your child, not showing emotions to the bully

b.     Bullies thrive on having control of others emotions

5. Avoid These Mistakes:

a.     Never tell your child to ignore bullying

b.     Don’t blame your child for being bullied

c.      Don’t tell your child to physical fight back

d.     Don’t contact the parent of the child, contact the school


Please share Abuse Bites with your schools and communities today, so we can all work together and be the change. Together we can change hearts and save lives! Abuse Bites, but true love heals!



Written by: Lisa Freeman, Lifelong Abuse Survivor & Advocate

Founder & CEO of Abuse Bites, Owosso, Michigan

Healing Projects Specialist, Bully Police USA



Comments: 2


1. green coffee bean   |   Tue Feb 26, 2013 @ 07:16AM

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