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On The Job Killing--How to Stop Bullies Dead in Their Tracks!

On The Job Killing--How to Stop Bullies Dead in Their Tracks!
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Tue Aug 14, 2012 @ 05:03PM
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Bullying has taken center stage as one of the most serious issues facing today’s society. What was once considered to be a problem with kids and teens is now continuing into adulthood, and what was once thought of as harmless is a growing and tragic epidemic.

Although it’s a no brainer that every work site should be a safe place and have anti-bullying policies, that are enforced, here in America, we don’t always have that pleasure.
According to Gary Namie, founder of the Workplace Bullying Institute, it is estimated that 1 million people in the U.S.A. miss work every day due to bullying. His recent surveys also conclude that 82% of bullied workers quit their jobs due to stress and fear. And that 15% of all adult suicides are related to work bullying.  Mr. Namie claims at least half of all workers are bullied, but few report it, thus bullying in the workplace is what he calls “a silent epidemic.” Read More
Sadly, bullying controls the work environment, more than the employer, and it’s costing everyone greatly.
With so many Americans missing work, due to work related illnesses such as stress, high blood pressure, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, companies are paying higher insurance premiums. They are also seeing high turnover rates, so therefore they are losing productivity by having to bring in new workers and train them. Read More
Even worse companies are being sued.
When a jury takes time to examine a workplace culture and then reaches a $25 million verdict against the employer, it’s clear that it was doing something wrong. That is exactly what happened after a three-week trial over race harassment and bullying at an upstate New York steel plant. Read more
A few years ago, my son, Robert was bullied at work so badly that he became both suicidal and homicidal. Thankfully, his step-father and I found out, intervened, and got him the help he needed. Today Robert is healed and leads a productive life. He works for the Shiawassee County Community Mental Health in Owosso, Michigan, helping others who have mental disabilities. He also is part of our educational, training program, AbuseBites.com to educate employers and employees in the workplace. Read More
If companies do not get the proper training, help, and healing for workers and employers alike, I fear that we’ll be reading more tragic stories like that of a recent woman from Arkansas, Latange Long.
Latange Long was shot repeatedly and killed at her place of employment by co-worker, Lillie Foots-Wilson.
Why did this happen? Apparently, Long had been bullying Foots-Wilson for quite some time and no one from the factory where the women worked had intervened. The two argued the morning Long was shot. Foots-Wilson claimed she wasn’t feeling well and went home, but returned a short time later with revenge on her mind and a revolver in hand. She shot Long repeatedly. Read More
You may ask, how could something like this happen? I believe the answer lies within a very poor and weak system that continues to fail us. The biggest problem I see is that employers don’t have a set anti-bullying policy in place, or if they have one, they don’t follow and enforce procedure and policies. Then we read tragic stories like Long’s. If things don't change, I fear we'll keep seeing this needless tragedy all over America. 
Bullies bully for a variety of reasons, but usually it’s out of jealousy and to gain some sort of power and control over the target or victim. Maybe you’re a target or know someone who is. Click Here, we’d like to help you.
One of the most powerful tools to cope in the workplace is by taking legal action. However here are some tips suggested in an article I read recently…
Acknowledge Your Emotionsif you can admit to yourself and others you are being bullied you are well on your way to handling the situation.
Log the Bullying—keep an ongoing log of each incident of bullying that occurs.
Create Evidence—if you can record or tape the bullying you will have proof.
Stay Active—keep athletically fit, so the stress from bullying doesn’t wear you down.
Team Up—get others involved, on your side, and giving you the support you need.
Written by: Lisa Freeman, Lifelong Abuse Survivor & Advocate from Owosso, Michigan who is also CEO of Abuse Bites and Healing Projects Specialist with the Bully Police USA
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