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How to Stop Cyberbullying: On Twitter, Facebook & Cell

How to Stop Cyberbullying: On Twitter, Facebook & Cell
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Tue Aug 14, 2012 @ 07:10PM
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How to Stop The Cyber Bully: On Twitter, Facebook & Cellphones

Isolation, fear, and depression can drive kids, teens, and even adults to a serious low, which can cause them to commit suicide. As I’m sure most of us are aware being a victim or target of cyberbullying can also cause that tragic downward spiral. From fake Facebook pages and bad words to hate pages and death threats, cyberbullying continues to be a 24-7 battlefield for targets and victims.

Although a recent article would like to tell us differently, and basically states that cyberbullying isn’t as bad as traditional or school bullying, a recent survey on Twitter proves both are equally as dangerous. About 15,000 bully-related tweets are posted every day. This means that 100,000 nasty messages taint the digital world each week.  Read More

One users twitter account was recently shut down by police for such abuse.

These days with the use of cell phones, not only are nasty messages appearing more frequently, but also damaging photos. Kids and teens don’t always think of the consequences before sending a photo of themselves to others. Even though they may only intend for one person to see their photo, with digital imaging today and one click of a send button, the whole universe can view something that may have been intended to be very personal and private. The posting of nude or sexy images is referred to as sexting. This is cyberbullying at its worst! Article On Cell Phone Sexting

A recent survey interviewed both victims and bullies of cyberbullying and found some alarming facts from each.  Read Article

Not surprising that another report from Ontario, Canada found that girls are more likely to be bullied than boys. The survey found that 29% of girls reported being victims of cyberbullying, compared with just 15% of boys. They also discovered that 31% of girls were more likely to report being victims at school, than 26% boys. Read Article

Older men often prey on young girls and innocent victims. Recently, a 49 year-old man, who worked for the 2012 Olympics was arrestedafter investigators found he had 200 Twitter accounts all linked to pedophiles. Online predators and internet pornography is huge today.Read More

With new cyber bullying laws being passed, schools are finally beginning to see that they need to do more. One school in Tucson, Arizona is educating students on appropriate online behavior. The new effort is required under the federal “Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act”—school districts must update their policies to include instructions for students. Schools must also have anti-bullying training and workshops. Read Article

Abuse Bites offers educational healing workshops on every form of abuse and bullying, that bring about the CHANGEthat is so desperately need in schools, workplaces, and entire communities. Read More

Edgewave, a company out of California, believes it has the solution to help schools monitor student’s online activity. The program Iprism Social Media Securityallows schools to seamlessly monitor and control user interactions with social networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter. It also gives educators visibility into student interactions with these sites. Read Article

Parents can get on board too and protect their kids with other new innovative programs. uKnowKids has just released their back to school cyberbullying infographic which includes the rising statistics of cyberbullying from the 2011-2012 school year.  Their surveys found that 97% of middle schoolers have been bullied online, but only 10% reported it to a parent.

If you have a child(ren) who is(are) being bullied/cyberbullied or you’re concerned that they could be a target or a bully, here are some inside tips from uKnowKids:

  • Set a Good Example:Kids learn from you and will mirror what you do.
  • Talk Before It Happens:Have a chat with them about cyberbullying and what to do.
  • When You See It, Address It:Whatever bullying there is, intervene and address it
  • Talk About Your Rules:Let them know what happens if they cyberbully/ or bully others.
  • Use a Parental Intelligence System:So you can view all their online activity.


Written by:Lisa Freeman, Lifelong Abuse Survivor & Advocate, Founder & CEO of AbuseBites.com, Healing Projects Specialist with Bully Police USA

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