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Battered Men Speak Out
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Sat Aug 18, 2012 @ 04:26PM
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Battered Men Speak Out!


We often hear about women being victims of domestic abuse and assault, but rarely about battered men.
Just like women, men can be victims or targets of verbal, physical, and even sexual abuse. Statistics say that 40% of domestic violence victims are male and 2 in 5 domestic abuse victims are male. Men assaulted by their partners are often ignored by police, watch their attacker go free, and have less places of refuge to go. More Info
While there is a lot of help out there for women and children, the intervention for men in these situations is scarce, if at all.
Living Well and Just Tell are two great organizations that realize the desperate need to help both boys and men who have suffered through sexual assaults in their lives.
Others like the West Lindsey Domestic Abuse Service have for the first time hired a male board member, and now will offer domestic support for men too. Although this is a change for the better, more change needs to come. Right now in most places, women and children who are abused are the only ones who can get help with shelter and food, while men are still left alone and out in the cold to fend for themselves.
Due to this crisis, many men suffer in silence, afraid to speak up. Either due to stereotypes put on them, or just because no one listens or wants to help. Being abused can be humiliating and embarrassing for anyone, but especially for men.Read Story
Ian Burly, 46, who is nearly 6 feet tall and a mountain of a man, compared to his partner Michelle Williamson just 5 feet. But the abuse Burly suffered by Williamson, is incomprehensible. Over the course of a year, Williamson scalded him with a steam iron, poured boiling water over his genitals, thrust lit cigarettes up his nose and stubbed them into his chest, and she smashed a gin bottle in his mouth — on top of numerous every day punches and beatings she threw at him. Instead of reporting it, Burly felt ashamed and embarrassed, so he hid it from everyone. Read Story
Royce Ali, 45, is a victim of domestic violence too. But thankfully he reported the abuse. And his partner of four years, Andrea Madden, 29, was found guilty of “wounding with intent”, for stabbing him repeatedly, and is now serving a seven year sentence. He says he was addressing an issue with her about taking too many diet pills. A heated argument erupted. She grabbed a 10 inch blade, and began cutting his arm and chest. “No one should put up with domestic violence, man or woman,” Mr. Ali says. Read Story

I can’t agree with him more.
Another incident involved Noreen Jessamine Weetra, 35, a mother of seven, who, she claims, was choked by her husband. She stated that in self-defense, she grabbed a knife, stabbed, and killed him. However, according to an earlier report, she’s no innocent woman either, having a past conviction of domestic violence herself which was suspended after only serving five years.  Obviously both she and her husband needed help. Read Story
Kids are even getting caught in the crossfire in domestic abuse. One daughter says her father always called police about his ex-wife, "She constantly harassed us, with threatening phone calls. She threatened to burn our house down, kill us, left messages on machines threatening my daddy, and trespassed on the property at his job." Read Story
Something needs to be done and soon. Our legal system is lacking. If we aren’t able to bring the help, healing, and aid that these victims need, we’ll see even more abuse or worse!
Abuse Bites is a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness, educate, and bring safety, prevention, and healing methods to victims, bystanders, and abusers. Our goal is to offer FREE HEALING WORKSHOPSPlease support our cause today.
Written by: Lisa Freeman, Founder & CEO of Abuse Bites, Lifelong Abuse Survivor & Advocate, Award-Winning Author & Speaker, Certified Pet Therapist & Dog Trainer
More Info /Help On Men’s Domestic Violence


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