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Anti Bullying Rally in Jackson Missouri

Anti Bullying Rally in Jackson Missouri
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Sun Sep 16, 2012 @ 07:55AM
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We had an amazing time in Jackson, Missouri this week at the the Rock International Ministries Church! Thank you Pastor Derrick Beasley for inviting us to come. I had my "I Love Being Me" shirt on that I found at Penney's right before the trip--it was an amazing message on top of everything else!
We started the program off with a Youtube video of Jeremiah singing, since he was still in the hospital and couldn't be with us. 
Jeremiah is battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression related to bullying. Bullying is tragic, and can have tragic results. That's why we are passionate about going wherever the door opens to educate and bring about the safety and prevention that is needed to change hearts and save lives.
As you can see above, a nice group of kids and adults came out to the Anti-Bullying Rally. There was a conflicting event going on in the community for back to school, so sadly many kids missed out because they had to attend this other event or they would not have gotten the school supplies they needed. Still we had a great time!
We had so much fun interacting, playing games, and doing demonstrations. Below we are playing our peer pressure and self abuse games. Pastor Derrick is assisting in the first game. My hubby, John, was assisting in the second one.
But we also got serious--down to business--and watched a big CHANGE take place! This beautiful little girl that was labeled the bullying in one of our demonstrations, kept the tag on and labeled herself the "bully".
But at the end of the program she crumpled up the bully label and threw it away! 
I said, "What, you don't want to be a bully no more?" She said, "No!"
Nearly everyone came forward when we had our CHANGE CHALLENGE, only about 4-5 kids stayed in their seats. All the others wanted to make a change in their own lives and hearts so they could go out and be the change for others and stop abuse, bullying and violence!
Another great thing that happened, this was our SIGNING of the Memory Quilt. I'm so thrilled and honored that the FIRST HEART was signed by Pastor Derrick Beasley, a young man that grew up in our neighborhood, who has always been like a son to me, and now is a Youth Pastor at Rock International Ministries and is a fine preacher and teacher! He has such a love and passion for kids and is raising three children that aren't even his own, right now! I couldn't be more proud!
We were blessed so much with not only really nice hotel accommodations, but also took up a love offering, and even took us out for a delicious lunch. We met Pastor White and his lovely first lady. We were able to share our heart and our mission, and they are hoping to bring us back to do a community wide event with some schools! YAY!

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