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Anti-Bullying Rally Flint Michigan

Anti-Bullying Rally Flint Michigan
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Sun Sep 16, 2012 @ 08:34AM
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We held an Anti-Bullying Rally in Flint yesterday!

Rocking the Violence Out Of Flint was amazing!

Ryan LoRee from Team Revelation Gym put the event together. He had talked to some people out at Walmart when we were doing our fundraising event there and that's when he got in touch with us about speaking and doing our Abuse Bites presentation. Anything to team up with others to stop abuse, bullying and violence! 


Together we can do this!

Ryan (above) founded Team Revelation a non-profit judo/wrestling type place to give free instructions and mentoring to troubled kids and youth! Kudos Ryan!


Ryan's two beautiful little girls fell in love our Yorkie, Lover.


This little boy stopped to play with Lover.


The boy's little sister was afraid of dogs...


At first she even turned her head away and wouldn't look at him...


But then I actually got her to play with Lover!


Great Things Happened All Day! And we met some really amazing people!


The Judge William Crawford (right) and a Respite Volunteer from a local shelter.


A lady & her daughter are entering our Free Book Drawing! We donated a whole box of books so that everyone who entered could win!


Judge Crawford stayed longer than he intended just to do the special honor of signing Brian's Memory Quilt! It was a very emotional moment!


The man behind the judge is making a documentary about this event.


We played some fun interactive games!


These Kids Learned How to FIGHT BACK to Stop Bullying!


Then I had the privilege of sharing "The Change Of Heart Program" in memory of my precious son, Brian. And I could not believe the results! People were coming up to me, one by one, telling me what a difference my speech made in their lives. WOW!


This young man came up after and confessed he had been a bully until the 8th grade, but had since asked forgiveness from his victims. He also explained that he often spent the night at his cousins house when he was younger and they would bully him and his brother, so he thought he had to fight like them to be cool. I gave him a hug and thanked him for sharing.


Another young man had a shirt on that said "I love Haters" and he was so loving, but said to me, "I shouldn't have worn this shirt probably to something like this." I said, "I love your shirt, and I love Haters too! With people like you and I they will learn to be Lovers!" And he gave me a hug! He works with the Reach program to help troubled youth.

A woman came up and thanked me. She said her husband wasn't going to attend the event at all, but at the last minute changed his mind. Later he told her, "I think I was meant to here this lady speak, it really touched my heart." This man had been bullied and abused his entire life!

Several others thanked me as well and were really happy about what we're doing.

But the grand finale and best part is when Jeremiah sang, "We Are The Body" by Casing Crowns. It's the first time in quite awhile he's sang in front of a crowd. 


Just to think, a month ago he nearly committed suicide, but God spared him and is using him once again to change hearts and save lives! This is one proud mamma, excited about taking this message forth!

Thanks Ryan Loree, Team Revelation, and The Bridge Church for allowing us this great opportunity to present at your 1st Rocking the Violence Out of Flint Benefit! May we do even more awesome things together next year!

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