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Bullies, the Joke is On You!
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Sun Oct 14, 2012 @ 09:31AM
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I love to joke around and laugh more than anyone. But I realize now, that what I may view as funny, may be the brunt of someone else's pain. It took me some time to see that many of my jokes were hurtful insults to others.

If we look at comedians today like Larry the Cable Guy, Eddie Murphy, George Lopez, and many others, their stand up shows all have one thing in common--they're belittling or bullying someone to make others laugh. Don't get me wrong, these are some of my favorites. BUT while their jokes can be hysterically funny, not everyone is amused... no, rather abused.


Pranks are funny too. I've played pranks and practical jokes on nearly everyone I've known. Most of them pranks were harmless. But a prank that happened recently in West Branch Michigan to a high school student, Whitney Kropp, wasn't so innocent. No, her pranksters set out to embarrass, humiliate and chastise her in front of her whole school.


They nominated her for homecoming court as a practical joke. A teenage prank. Seemed innocent enough. They'd all get a good laugh.


Whitney learned of the prank and was horrifically humiliated and even wanted to end her precious life. Her pranksters probably thought they had the upper hand. What a joke!

BUT thankfully, her school, her city, and her entire community came together to support her and she defeated her bullies and won! She didn't retaliate, she simply stood up for herself, and she wore her crown proudly that night!


Now the whole world is supporting her!

My hearts cry is that every school, city, and community would stand together like this against all forms of bullying and set the innocent victims free.

Whitney Kropp is a SURVIVOR!

Bullies, the joke is on you!

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