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Is Bullying Still A Problem? Is Your Child At Risk?

Is Bullying Still A Problem? Is Your Child At Risk?
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Sun Jul 07, 2013 @ 05:52AM
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Since Matt's Law, the new anti-bullying law passed in Michigan, it seems as though bullying and bully prevention actually got swept under the rug! What a slam in the Epling's face! They have worked so hard for years to bring this about!

Abuse Bites Anti-Bullying Workshops in Michigan


Bullying Statistics Say:

-Every 7 minutes a child is bullied on the school playground

*Adult Intervention 4%/ Student Intervention 11%/ NO INTERVENTION 85%

-1 out of 4 teens are bullied

-1 out of 5 kids admit to bullying / being a bully

-1/3 of students surveyed say they heard someone threaten to kill someone

-2 out of 3 students say they know how to make a bomb

Parents and students from all over Michigan have come to me on a regular basis, reporting horrendous bullying in their schools and asking what to do. Of course I'm not big on the law or legislation, but I am big on compassion and love as both a parent of kids who were bullied and being a victim myself. I was a bully too, I'm not going to lie. But today I'm healed, and offer that same hope and healing to others.

By coming to your community, church or school and doing our fun, educational, interactive workshops for kids, teens and adults; victims, bystanders and even bullies can be set free! Bullying can stop--at least at the level we see it today! Bullying is just a behavior. Most of the bullies just need to feel empathy and to have someone connect with their side of the bullying spectrum. We can do that.

Most of the complaints from parents and students that I received over the past year started with simple bullying, but then because there were no programs in place for prevention and safety methods, the bullying continued and escalated. Students lives were threatened. They became suicidal. Teen suicide is huge. It almost happened to us! It could happen to you!

Let us help you! Under Matt's Law your school is required to have an anti-bullying program in place and to have special speakers on bullying come in to educate their staff and students. We'd love to come. Give us the name of your school, your principle, as well as their address, email, and phone number and we'll do all the work!

What is your school doing to protect your children from bullying and bullies? We'd love to hear both sides of the spectrum -- good and bad. Maybe your child is a bully and you don't know what to do. We'd love to hear from you too and get you and them the help that is needed.

School Violence is Huge, But together we can Stop Bullying, Abuse, and Violence!

Lisa Freeman is a Motivational Bully Speaker in Michigan. Everyone in her family, even the dogs, were bullied or the bully. They have healed. As a Keynote Speaker on bullying, she shares their stories of survival and healing, in a fun, educational, interactive program called Abuse Bites. Please click here to check out their workshops and seminars

*Bullying Statistics Info gathered from Stomp Out Bullying Website @ http://www.stompoutbullying.org/aboutbullying_theissue.php

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