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Bullying Statistics Excalating--Students Need Change

Bullying Statistics Excalating--Students Need Change
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Sun Nov 03, 2013 @ 03:44AM
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Bullying_Statistics_Escalate_Blog.jpgWhen we first began educating students in schools on bullying in 2006:

-1 in 10 students were bullied


TODAY According to a report from the National Education Association bullying has escalated. Now:

-1 out of 3 students in grades 6-10 are bullied

-6 out of 10 teenagers are bullied regularly in school


These Statistics are based on 2004-2007 Reports:

-Most bullying occurs on breaks, before or after school

-9 out of 10 LBGT are bullied 

-Students interviewed about bullying felt that school officials acted poorly to bullying

-Girls who are bullied are 8 times more likely to commit suicide

-Boys who are bullied are 4 times more likely to commit suicide

-1 teen commits suicide every 30 minutes due to bullying

-Bullies are actually more at risk for being violent to family members and committing suicide

-Suicide is one of the top 3 leading causes of death among teenagers


Did you know that...

-50% of Bullying can be prevented

-If things keep going like they have been more we will see bullying continue to escalate and young people continue to commit suicide and murder others

-Students need a Change--we cannot keep doing things the same

-Our workshops have been proven to bring about change in 89% of students overall

-In our workshops/assemblies we offer help, healing, and a solution for all: targets, bystanders and bullies


Lisa Freeman is a Motivational Youth Speaker from Owosso, Michigan. She empowers students through educational school assemblies where she involves students in games, scenarios, and demonstrations to give them practical ways to defeat bullying, break their victim mentalities, help bullies, challenge bystanders, and motivate all to strive for unity and become productive survivors!

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