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Michigan Bully Speaker Stands for Equality and Diversity

Michigan Bully Speaker Stands for Equality and Diversity
Elisabeth A. Freeman - Thu Mar 20, 2014 @ 08:56AM
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When we stay silent, more innocent victims suffer.

"I will not be silenced," Motivational Speaker and Michigan Bully Expert, Lisa Freeman says. "We have to raise our voices or more people will be victimized, murdered, or commit suicide. We are killing our own. This is insane.

"We live in the USA. Have we forgotten our freedom, our amendments, our constitution? America was founded on equality. And diversity is what has made America thrive. Yet today, families are barely surviving.

"I tell everyone to look through the eyes of a child. Kids do not realize any differences until someone points them out. If a child hears someone say this child or person is ugly, then they begin to see what others may define as ugly in that person. This is done with weight, race, those with disabilities, with gender, and a variety of other differences.

"My heart sank when I received a letter this week from a concerned mother whose 8th grade son is being bullied in school by a teacher and principal because of his weight. The thing is, this same boy was bullied in 7th grade by these same two professionals and pulled out of public schools and home schooled. However, the teen lost over 60 pounds, so he wanted to return to school. Sadly, the same bullying occurred. Now mom has been forced to pull him out of school yet again. Even sadder the superintendent will not return her calls, the local media refuses to share her story, two attorneys have turned her down, and she feels horribly victimized herself.

"Bullying would not go this far, if we addressed it for what it is.

"Bullying is a community problem. The biggest problem today is that the bullies are often being protected and allowed to keep bullying others, while in fact the victims are made to pay and suffer in silence. This should not be happening. Shame on us. We are putting Matt's safe school law to shame as well. Come on wake up! 

"Our program works with schools, teachers, principals, parents, and students to bring a solution to every victim/target, every bystander, and every bully. The solution is not slapping a bully's hand or trying to put a band-aid on bullying; the solution is bringing equality to every human being in every community while embracing diversity.

Lisa Freeman is an educational motivational speaker from Owosso, Michigan who is passionate about youth and family. She specializes in abuse, bullying, and recovery. She is the founder and president of Abuse Bites and the Healing Projects Specialist for the Bully Police USA. She offers interactive anti-bullying assemblies in schools, anti-bullying workshops in the work place, anti-bullying conferences in communities, and anti-bullying seminars in churches. Contact her today to help with your next event.

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