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Abuse Bites Volunteers Stop Bullying in Michigan

Learn How to Volunteer and Start Volunteering

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Abuse Bites Volunteers Get Oustanding Achievement Awards



There are many ways kids, teens, and adults can have fun while getting involved and DOING SOMETHING they like and Stop Bullying around the globe. Our goal at Abuse Bites is to raise awareness on abuse and bullying, and bring safety, prevention, and healing to every person in every city, community, and state in the USA. 


Speak Up! When you see a person or animal being bullied or abused SAY SOMETHING or DO SOMETHING. Don't just walk away. At least get someone else to help or call 9-1-1.

Stand Up! For Yourself and Others. Be a Bully Buster Peer Mentor in your school and community.

Rise Up! Spread Awareness about the Abuse Bites Program and stopping bullying. Get others involved too

CHANGE It Up! Be the CHANGE, CHANGE YOU, so that others can see!




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Volunteers Needed/ Volunteer Positions

Position: Bully Buster Program--BE A BULLY BUSTER IN YOUR AREA

Description: Kids, Teens, & Adults start a BULLY BUSTER Group in your area to STOP BULLYING in your schools and community.

Requirements: People of all ages, shapes, sizes, and of diverse groups who are passionate about stopping bullying & abuse and want to bring our Abuse Bites program to their area (city, community, state). By being a spokesperson in your area, you will work with your schools & community to bring in an Abuse Bites Community Wide event. Please send a brief note via email with name, address, email, phone, school you attend or hope to reach. contact us

ANTI-BULLYING EXPERT Motivational Speaker

Abuse Bites But True Love Heals

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