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Help For Bullies in Michigan USA

Stop Bullying in Michigan Schools

If you've made your way to this page, I'm guessing you've realized you've been labeled a bully and you want help!


I was both bullied and the bully. The truth is bullying is a behavior and we can all bully. No one is exempt. We all mess up from time to time. Bullying and Bullies go hand in hand, but they can change! Our program offers help for bullies! So whether you're bullying in school, at home, or somewhere else, there's help available for you!

If you've been labeled a bully, chances are you've been hurting people intentionally or unintentionally.

As you're reading this, remember that:

1 teen dies every half hour in the USA from bullycide (suicide due to bullying)


Just as you have gained power to bully, you also have the power & control to change, stop bullying, and save someone's life!


CHANGE Begins With YOU!

C- Change You: You can't change anyone but yourself. Although change is hard, the best things in life come through change.

H- Help Yourself: Help comes in a variety of ways. Just you coming to this page, shows me that you want help. Help can come by talking to your parents, a counselor, a social worker, a youth pastor, or even a psychiatrist.

A- Actions Under Control: Being aware of your triggers (a person, place or thing) and knowing what sets you off can help to avoid further bullying. Staying away from known triggers can change your bad actions into more positive ones.

N- New Person: You can become who you want to be, it's entirely up to you. Although it may take others awhile to see the change in you, don't give up, be who you want to be, and not who others say you are. Don't ever look back.

G- Goals for the Future: You can decide today what you want to do and begin to set short term and long term goals--something you want to accomplish. Find out what your good at or passionate about and move in that direction. Setting reasonable goals will help you to achieve success and change your life. Be patient with yourself, everything in life takes time.

E- Empower Others: Once you've made the decision to change, you can help others who may have bullying behaviors. Share your story of how you've changed your life, but mostly BE THE CHANGE that others can see. By being an example and not bullying, you will empower people, change hearts and save more lives than you'll ever know.



The Verbal/Gossip/Rumor Bully:

I just repeated what everyone else was saying. I wasn't trying to hurt anyone. I didn't think it would get this crazy and out of control.

The Emotional Bully:

Hey, I tried to be their friend. We were like best friends for awhile, but that got old. Now I got a whole new group of friends and they don't like her/him. 

The Joking Bully:

Geesh! I was just joking around. Can't they just take a joke? I never meant to hurt anyone.

The Bystander Bully:

I was just going along with the crowd. My friends all do it. What's the big deal? I'm not really hurting anybody. I'm mostly a bystander.

The Tough Bully:

I'm tough. Kicking butt is what I do. My whole family fights. It's all I know.

The Fearful Bully:

I'm afraid. I used to get bullied, now I'm the bully and everyone leaves me alone. If I stop acting all tough, then I might get bullied again.

The Jealous Bully:

I'm jealous. It's not fair. Some people have everything, the looks, the guys/girls, friends, good grades, money, popularity, fame, etc. I don't have anything. No friends, no family that care and no money to buy anything.

The Revenge Bully: I'll Get You Back

I want to hurt them the way they have hurt me. They deserve to suffer too. One way or another I going to get them back.

The Rejection Bully: Leaving Others Out

I've got my own group of friends. We sit together every day at lunch, the same place. Everyone knows it. I even save their seats if they don't get there right away. New people always try to sit down. I don't think it's wrong to tell them the seat is saved. How is that bullying? There's lots of places to sit.

The Controlling Bully:

It's my way or the highway. My friends all know it. They don't seem to mind. So what's the problem?

The Physical/Dating Violence Bully:

I never left a bruise, I mostly yelled. Besides they deserved it, they lied to me about where they were and who they were with. If I can't have them no one will. I told them I'm sorry. Isn't that enough?

The Sexual Harassment Bully:

Hey, anyone can see they're flaunting their stuff. I didn't mean anything by what I said. I only was trying to be friendly.

The Cyber/Text Bully:

Hey, all my friends were like posting all these mean things about this one stuck up girl from school. I couldn't stand her. So we all created a hate page. It seemed fun at the time. Kind of like a cyber party on facebook, but I never meant to hurt anyone.

The Peer Pressure Bully:

My friends wouldn't let up until I did it. I didn't want to. But I didn't want to look like an idiot.

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