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Help for Parents With Bullying in Michigan USA

Abuse Bites Provides Prevention & Safety Methods

Abuse Bites Helps Parents

STOP all forms of ABUSE 

Whether you're a mother, father, or couple battling addiction, domestic abuse, struggling with parenting issues, or you just need of a friend, Abuse Bites is here for you. We try to provide parents and families with the right help and resources needed to offer education, safety and prevention methods, as well as complete healing for everyone involved.




The Problem:

-35% of all Parents FEAR for their child's safety at school every day

-160,000 kids MISS SCHOOL every day for fear of being bullied

-1 Teen Dies every 30 minutes in the USA from bullying/bullycide


Too often parents all over the country are waking up to this heartbreaking reality. By no means, am I blaming parents. If so, I would first have to point a finger at myself. Because my son, Jeremiah, nearly committed suicide two years ago after being bullied in high school. This can happen anywhere and does happen all too often to the best of parents in the best of homes to the best of kids. 


Like you, I'm a very concerned parent.

I'm a Mother On a Mission--my son, Brian was bullied all his life, sadly he passed away last year.

Brian wanted to help others: victims, bullies, bystanders, and families!

So I will continue this mission to reach problem children and CHANGE HEARTS & SAVE LIVES in Brian's memory.


~Having Trouble With Bullying Now~

Form Letters for Parents to Submit to Schools for Reporting Bullying



Parents are the most important part of this mission--because it's your kids who are at risk!


The SOLUTION: Helping Parents Like You!

In our workshops we educate parents about bullying and abuse. We focus on prevention methods, warning signs, and safety techniques to recognize warning signs to know when their child(ren) is in danger. We also shed light on peer pressure, dating violence, internet safety, and many other hot topics.

We don't just go into the schools and communities with a one hour program to "fix kids" and point out the bullies. Our goal is not to fix kids, but rather to bring healing to everyone who is affected by bullying and abuse. We tackle schools and communities with a program that is created to continue far after we're gone. Our Bully Buster Program is designed for parents, educators, community leaders, residents of the community, as well as the kids and teens. Because we know that if we all come together with one mind, one heart, and with the same goal, we can Stop Bullying in all realms.

My plea to parents is to talk to your school and community about our program. You can start with contacting the counselor or social worker. If that doesn't seem to be doing anything, go directly to the principal or superintendent. We aren't pointing fingers at anyone, but rather, we're offering a solution for everyone.

We are simply offering a solution. A preventative method that can save your child's life and bring healing to your entire community.


Contact us and let us know how we can help you bring our ABUSE BITES BULLY BUSTER PROGRAM TO YOUR AREA!

ANTI-BULLYING EXPERT Motivational Speaker

Abuse Bites But True Love Heals

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