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Lisa Freeman Speaks on Bullying in Michigan USA

Bullied, The Bully, Now Bullying Expert


Lisa Freeman, Founder & CEO of Abuse Bites

Motivational Speaker in Schools, Work Places, & Communities

Best of 2015, Thumbtack, as a business professional

Winner of the Medallion Award 2012, Dog Writers Association of America 

"As a child I was both victim (target) and the bully. All I wanted was love, all I found was abuse. I didn't fit anywhere, so I made poor choices, gave into peer pressure, and went along with the crowd."

"All my life I ran to the wrong things trying to find where I belonged."

"Tired of the middle school drama and bullying, at 13, I ran away and lived out on the streets with an older boyfriend who swore to love and protect me. For two years we hitchhiked all over the USA. I was kidnapped, raped, beaten and nearly killed more times than I can count. What was even worse is that my own boyfriend began abusing me too. (Check out her award-winning Novel "Run For Your Life)

"Thinking he'd change or I could change him, I ended up marrying my boyfriend with parental consent at 16. Soon after we got married he nearly killed me. Thankfully, I escaped with my life."

Lisa Made Some Bad Choices

"Sadly, my abusive life didn't end there. Becoming co-dependent, I continued making bad choices. After we divorced I met a guy in the church. He seemed perfect. He told me I was beautiful, brought me flowers, opened doors for me, and asked for my hand in marriage. I had this unsettled feeling in my gut like I shouldn't go through with it, but I thought I'd be crazy if I didn't."

"Seven years later, now into my 2nd marriage, I not only discovered he was addicted to porn and had numerous affairs, but he had turned his dreaded addiction onto our three small innocent children." (Check out Lisa's book "The Pictures that Destroy the Mind" based on this heart wrenching story.)

Lisa Started Making Better Choices

At the age of 26, Lisa, a single mother of three special needs children, surpassed all the odds, and pressed on through horrendous panic attacks and post traumatic stress disorder to go back to school and college where she maintained a 4.0 and made the Dean's List. Later, she graduated from college with an associates degree. Since then she's founded two non-profits A Time To Heal and Abuse Bites to stop abuse/bullying and shares her miraculous story of  healing with others. She has also compiled her true life story of abuse and survival in her award-winning novel, "Run For Your Life" a book for teens as well as a book for young adults--it's geared to get them running in the right direction. Aside from that, she has raised over $20,000 for abused/needy people and pets in her community, and also rescues dogs, trains them, and certifies them for pet therapy.

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Today Lisa's Helping Others Make Better Choices Too!

Need a Speaker?

Lisa's a Motivational Speaker in Schools, Work Places, & Communities

"Today I'm running to share my story so other victims can break the cycle of abuse from their lives and be set free too!"  -Lisa

Currently Lisa Freeman resides in Michigan with her loving and supportive husband, John, of 20+ years, her grown children, and therapy dogs. She hopes to raise enough money through grant funding, donations, and sponsorship to travel across the USA to encourage other victims, bystanders, bullies and their families to be the CHANGE and make the CHANGE in their own lives so they can have an amazing future too. Her ultimate goal is to CHANGE HEARTS and SAVE LIVES in memory of her son Brian who truly lived and died forgiving his bullies.



ANTI-BULLYING EXPERT Motivational Speaker

Abuse Bites But True Love Heals

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