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Michigan Author Stops Bullying & Helps Teens

Book For Teens and Book for Young Adults

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"Run For Your Life" book series

Based on Lisa Freeman's true story of dating violence that turned deadly and how she barely survives.

After a life of bullying and abuse, at 13, Lisa feels pressured to run away with her older boyfriend. He promises to love and protect her, sadly, she's even more abused and bullied out there than she was at home. (More about each book below)

Now, she's on the run for her life! 

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"Many teens in our workshops don't have the money to purchase my book, so I give a lot of books away. I'm more interested in giving these kids a message that will change and potentially save their lives. This book is all about choices and consequences and seeing what peer pressure and dating violence is and can lead to. Through this program Give A Book--Save a Life, your generous support allows us to put this book into another teens hands and potentially save them from the life I lived! Thank you!" ~Lisa Freeman





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Three-Part Book Series

Thrilling & Chilling Suspense at it's Best!

Where can Lisa run? Where can she hide? Who can she trust? No one will know until the last page is turned...

Lisa's Other Book

Discounted E-Books


Book #1: When Lisa, 13, gets in trouble with the law for skipping school, and is placed on probation, her older boyfriend has the perfect plan, "Let's just run away." But when Lisa agrees to go along with him, she soon finds she's on the run for her life. Hitchhiking from state to state, they're homeless, penniless and starving. So she's forced into doing low life jobs just to survive. Even worse, they end up taking rides with some of America's Most Wanted. Lisa finds herself kidnapped, raped, and nearly killed with no way out. (Paperback)

Book #2: This time Lisa's 15 and on the run again. Only this time, she's all alone. With her boyfriend in the military, nearly 2,000 miles away at boot camp, she flees to be with him. She knows if she gets caught she'll be sent away to a girl's institution until she's 21. However the real scare is before her, when she takes a ride with a crazed trucker. Now she's on a hellish journey and may never see her family or her boyfriend again. (e-book)

Book #3: The Final Run! Lisa's life is in danger once again. This time, she's 16, and married to an abusive alcoholic. She wants to run, but there's only one problem, he's holding her hostage in her own house. Locked in an upstairs bedroom, there's no phone and no way out. (e-book)

Books Regularly Sell for $14.95 each

Now DIGITALLY Available on KINDLE... for only $2.99 per book!

Run For Your Life Book One

Run For Your Life Book Two

Run For Your Life Book Three

ALL 3 BOOKS--Run For Your Life The Series Only $7.99 Now!

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"I wanted to run away, but after reading what you went through, I changed my mind and am so glad I did."

-Sharon, 16


"Not only is Run For Your Life a great book to read, it should be required reading for every 13-year-old in all schools. This book touches more than on just peer pressure, (abusive relationships, love, trust) and all the other things teens deal with."

-Exie McKone, Mother & Grandmother


"Run For Your Life is a must read for parents as well as teens."

-Elizabeth Cox, 50ish


"I couldn't put your book down. It really made me think about my choices in life."

-Shawntell, 15


"As a radio show host I get books in all the time and never read them all the way through, especially before the interview, but I couldn't put your book down.You definitely have a gift to write and capture people's hearts."

-Rhonda Hart, WMUZ Radio Host


"I loved your book! I stayed up the first night I got it just to finish it. Very intense! Great Read!"

-Anna Herrick, 40ish




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Abuse Bites But True Love Heals

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