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Michigan Authors Books about Bullying and Domestic Violence

Lifelong Abuse Survivor, Lisa Freeman Shares Her Stories Of Survival



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*Run For Your Life Book Series

 Lisa runs away and finds she's on the run for her life! True story of young love, betrayal, and a series of bad choices that nearly cost this young girl her life! More about the book click here

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*The Pictures That Destroy The Mind (Save 75%)

Domestic Violence at it's worst: a true story of porn, betrayal and incest. More about the book click here


I wanted a good man. I wanted to have children. I wanted us to be a happy family like in the fairy tales. I met a guy at 18 at the church of all places, right after my divorce was final. He was a perfect gentleman. He opened doors for me, brought me flowers, told me how beautiful I was, and he even bought me a ring and proposed. We went to church and did everything together. I didn't really love him, but I knew in time I would. Yeah, he was a little different, slow, if you want to call him that. And I felt this nudge, kind of like an urging inside telling me not to marry him, but what if I never found anyone else half this good? So I went ahead, against all those urgings, and married him. Soon after I found that he was a chronic habitual liar and had a pornography obsession, which he turned onto our three children. (Check out Lisa's book based on these true events.) "The Pictures that Destroy the Mind"


ANTI-BULLYING EXPERT Motivational Speaker

Abuse Bites But True Love Heals

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